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what is the speed2treat home healing kit and how does it work?

The Home Healing Kit is a non-narcotic, four-week care plan that features a customizable QuickSplint® overnight oral appliance, a hot/cold therapy face wrap, exercises, and an extensive online library. The kit is meant for common conditions such as jaw sprain/strain, clenching, headaches, neck strain, blows to the jaw, mild whiplash or concussion, or flare-ups of TMJ disorders.

The Home Healing Kit has been carefully designed by orofacial pain doctors to treat and potentially prevent chronic head, neck and jaw pain. Our focus is on reducing your pain and inflammation with self-care measures so you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Why Speed2Treat?

When you sprain your ankle, the sooner you rest, ice and elevate your foot, the better your recovery. This can be equally effective for healing from head, neck or jaw trauma. There was no DIY "first aid" program for your head, neck and jaw - until now.

Use any or all the simple care options in the Home Healing Kit and develop your daily plan for healing. The sooner you begin, the better you'll feel.

What's in the kit

The kit includes:
QuickSplint® oral appliance
Hot/Cold Therapy Face Wrap
Daily exercises and positive steps for healing
Videos to help understand the healing process and breath training

Add Gentle Jaw to your kit

The gentle jaw is “yoga for the jaw”. It is designed to provide pain relief and to maintain a normal range of motion of the jaw muscles through daytime stretching for 30 seconds every couple of hours. It includes:
› Range of motion scale
› 3 sizes of the devices
› Carrying case
› Instructions for performing daily stretching exercises