What our customers have to say

  • This complete care program was perfect for my son’s soccer injury.  Our doctor emphasized rest - OK fine - but the Kit’s daily program of exercises, videos and VR, hot/cold therapy and QuickSplint really helped him be pro-active so he would heal properly and get back to playing

    Clare S.

  • I assumed my jaw injury would automatically get better but the pain was distracting my work and sleep.  The Speed2Treat Kit really helped address the pain in my neck and jaw quickly!

    Tom V.

  • I never made the connection between headache and jaw clenching until I tried the Speed2Treat Kit and worked on the daytime exercises, VR and breathing tips, and wore the QuickSplint.  Thanks!

    Rob D.

  • I tried the Speed2Treat Kit for a flare up of jaw and neck pain when I was travelling.  Thank goodness there was something easy, quick and low cost.  I followed up with my doctor when I got home, but the Speed2Treat Kit saved me in the interim.

    Kaylin T.