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QuickSplint Overnight Oral Appliance

  • QuickSplint® provides immediate, conservative treatment and is designed to reduce repetitive motion and muscle overloading often present in painful head, neck and jaw conditions. QuickSplint is designed for short-term nighttime wear and provides an opportunity for your jaw musculature to be protected from acute tensioning associated with inflammation and protective muscle guarding from trauma or injury (like the protection provided by the ACE™ Bandage for an injured ankle). 

    The QuickSplint is designed for short-term use only (up to 4 weeks). Take your QuickSplint to your next dental appointment and discuss your results with your dentist, who will screen for signs of bruxism (clenching or grinding) and will help determine whether oral appliance therapy is appropriate for your jaw pain or bruxing condition.   This product is single use only. Contents include the QuickSplint tray, putty packs and instructions. Also included is a PainTracker for you to record your symptoms on a weekly basis and discuss with your healthcare provider.