Together with our software partner, Talentship LLC, based in Wayzata MN, the Company in 2019 launched FaceMyPain.com. FaceMyPain.com is the first comprehensive website directory that enables users to search for treatment providers for orofacial pain, headache, temporomandibular join disorders (TMJD) and airway/sleep disorders.

When you go to FaceMyPain.com, enter your zip code to look up medical, dental and physical medicine providers in your area. We are continuously adding new members, and new content for patients to make it easier to identify treatment options and access to experienced providers.

Advanced search features on the website include location, type of provider, treatments offered or medical and dental conditions. Provider types include orofacial pain specialists, neurologists, osteopaths, dentists, endodontists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors and myofunctional therapists.

If you are a healthcare provider who treats orofacial pain patients, click here to subscribe and list your practice on FaceMyPain.com.

Contact Support@FaceMyPain.com or call 800-760-0526