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We recognize:

Injury to the head, neck and jaw from a traumatic event is hard to diagnose and treat because each patient responds differently to the tissue damage, and the physical and emotional stress associated with injury and disability. Whether diagnosed as whiplash, concussion, headache or TMJ disorder, it is difficult to arrive at an accurate diagnosis or prognosis at the onset.

The fundamental dilemma is not knowing when to seek medical care, where to go, and to hesitatein pursuing medical care because the treatment plan could be complex, time consuming and/or costly.

We understand the importance of respecting pain patients and honoring each patient’s desire to recover quickly and with pain management tools that fit each patient’s lifestyle and unique medical condition. 

Patient response to stress, patient engagement in self-care, and patient confidence in the medical help they receive are all factors in the recovery period.

People with facial, neck and jaw pain confront this dilemma whether they are trying to recover from an acute injury/ trauma for the first time, whether they have an ongoing condition and exceeded their pain threshold (have a flare up) from a condition that was previously under control, or for a distinct group of patients, they have a condition that is difficult to diagnose and treat unless evaluated by a highly-trained specialist.

For patients and healthcare professionals alike, it is difficult to coordinate care across conflicting medical and dental insurance providers and reimbursement models. We acknowledge that this situation is unlikely to improve in the near future, and this was a factor in the design of the Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit to be a cost-effective start of treatment that is commonly available across healthcare providers and direct to consumer.