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Grinding & Clenching Relief
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Developed by Doctors for Treatment in the Comfort of Your Home

Relieve Acute Head,
Neck, & Jaw Pain
& Affordably

Speed2Treat® will help you get back to your pain-free life by delivering self-care tools and resources you can use safely from the comfort of your home.

Use our 4-week care plan and experience immediate relief from common conditions such as:
  • Jaw sprain/strain
  • Tension headaches
  • Neck strain
  • Mild trauma to the head, neck, or jaw
  • Flare-ups of TMJ disorders
Clenching, grinding, and persistent pain can make it impossible to get a good night’s rest. The QUICKSPLINT® Custom Night Guard included in your kit will have you sleeping soundly in no time.
Head, neck, and jaw pain—and the lack of sleep that comes with it—affects your ability to do your best work and be fully present throughout the day. We supply you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re taking the proper steps toward complete pain relief and healing.
The Home Healing Kit uses a combination of simple treatments, gentle exercises, and self-care protocols to ease your pain, decrease inflammation, and promote healing.

A Safer, Faster, More Affordable Solution

Prescribed medications mask symptoms but don’t address the oral habits that delay recovery. Medical providers often struggle to diagnose and treat acute head, neck, and jaw pain, ultimately causing patients to waste precious time and money on treatments that don’t work for them.

We offer a treatment regimen that addresses the root cause of your pain and helps you break the cycle—before it becomes chronic and spreads tension throughout your body. Speed2Treat® offers immediate relief, diagnostic assistance, and a way to empower your own healing at a fraction of the standard cost.

Relief on Day 1
Cost-Effective & Simple
Narcotic Free

Hear From Our Experts

“Often patients come to my orofacial pain clinic after a year of suffering with jaw pain. Once they try the Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit, they experience pain reduction and return to normal function. My patients are highly appreciative to have self-care tools combined with a daily progress roadmap and supportive online videos. The Speed2Treat program is unlike any other program in the marketplace today and was developed by experts in hopes of reducing chronic pain and it's devastating effects.”

Dr. Brad Eli photo blockquote
Dr. Brad Eli

“Patients at our clinic enjoy the self-care measures they learn through the Home Healing Kit, and I’ve seen first-hand that they reduce reliance on medication and risk of re-injury. The 4-Week Care Plan was designed with simple steps you can incorporate to create momentum to return to health.“

Dr. Brad Eli photo blockquote
Dr. James Fricton

“My friends ask me all the time – “why did we create the Home Healing Kit?” until suddenly one day they have acute jaw pain and are horribly distracted by the discomfort. They call me immediately with their confusion about what to do and what type of appointment to schedule. We are working hard to raise awareness that simple treatment can make a profound difference on the course of your recovery.”

Dr. Brad Eli photo blockquote
Ann Mcculloch

“Having made a career of studying the complex nature and recovery rates of injuries involving the head, neck, and jaw, I’ve found the Speed2Treat offers an easy-to-follow plan of care that can get you on a path to healing. It provides each user an opportunity to hit ‘control-alt-delete’ during a time when their pain experience is at its highest…and often unbearable. A recent patient stated, “I use the Speed2Treat kit on a daily basis as it helps me to push through my ‘day-to-day’ activities when I would otherwise give into the pain, fatigue, and exhaustion.”

Dr. Brad Eli photo blockquote
Dr. Jim Elliott

Over 300,000+ Units Sold

A. Kennard
Age: 49, Location: Cincinnati

I had been having jaw pain for a few days, and was getting worried. I found Dr. Fricton’s videos got all the informationI would have wanted from a professional without feeling rushed or pressured. It was comforting to have access to all the information I’d want from a doctor that specializes in orofacial pain.

Age: 72, Location: New York

As a nurse, I’ve tried almost every medical intervention out there to treat my pain - you name it, I’ve tried it. Dr. Fricton’s simple at-home protocol is the only thing that really helped me.

Age: 36, Location: Washington

I discovered the factors that were contributing to my jaw pain and migraines, and implemented the simple lifestyle changes Dr. Fricton provided. I’m grateful to report that his videos truly helped me! I feel like I’m finally in control.

Age: 66, Location: Atlanta

This is somebody who has a lot of experience in helping patients with orofacial pain. People pay a lot of money for this kind of knowledge, and I just can’t believe he's giving all these tips and tricks for free! Thank you Dr. Fricton.

Get Grinding & Clenching
Relief on Day 1

  • Doctor-developed for treatment in the comfort of your home
  • The only holistic home healing kit for acute head, neck, and jaw pain
  • Customizable 4-week care plan to address your unique needs
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The sooner you begin, the faster you’ll get back
to feeling like yourself.

Join the Many Speed2Treat® Customers Who Get Relief on Day 1!

Find Relief With the Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit TODAY

Find Relief With Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit TODAY

  • QUICKSPLINT® Custom Night Guard
  • Hot/Cold Therapy Face Wrap
  • Online Resource Library
  • Gentle Jaw Exercises
  • Pain Tracker
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