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Get Your Custom Fit Night Guard Today

Grinding & Clenching Relief
on Day 1, Guaranteed!

Doctor Recommended For Treatment
In The Comfort of Your Home.

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Yours for only $125
  • DIY healing from the comfortof your home
  • Easy and cost-effective
  • Online library of exercises
    for a speedy recovery

Included In Your Home Healing Kit:


QUICKSPLINT® Custom Fit Night Guard

Value: $125

A low-cost trial device designed for short-term use to relax your jaw muscles, prevent clenching and grinding, and relieve pain. By using QUICKSPLINT®, you'll be able to determine whether continued use of a custom fit night guard may be beneficial for your condition, before investing in long-term therapy.

Custom Fit Night Guard

Hot/Cold Therapy Face Wrap

Value: $25

A neoprene wrap that can be personalized to fit comfortably in 6 different positions to soothe sore or inflamed head, neck and jaw muscles. Two reusable packs can be heated or chilled, and easily inserted into the wrap to apply hot or cold therapy to the affected area for immediate relief.

Hot/Cold Therapy Face Wrap

Pain Tracker

Value: $25

An online collection of gentle jaw exercises complemented by self-care and breathing techniques designed to help you manage pain and avoid risk factors of delayed recovery.

Pain Tracker

Online Resources

Value: $144 for the 30-day Breath Challenge, or Life with Breath Video

Online videos narrated by Dr. James Fricton provide patient self-care training on managing pain, daily jaw and neck care and how to avoid risk factors for delayed recovery. Also included are breath training videos to help the patient experience relaxing abdominal breathing and intention in relaxing facial muscles.

Online Resources

Jaw Exercises

Value: $175

Gentle jaw exercises promote healing and help you relax the tensing and clenching behaviors that cause neck, jaw and temple soreness and pain. When performed consistently these exercises increase your range of motion (how wide you can open your jaw).

Jaw Exercises


S. Rice.5 stars rating
Age: 36, Location: Boston

The online resources were incredibly helpful. I got all the information I would have wanted from a professional without feeling rushed or pressured. It was comforting to have unlimited access to all the information I'd want from a doctor that specializes in orofacial pain.

A. Kennard5 stars rating
Age: 49, Location: Chicago

The Home Healing Kit had a profound impact on my life in just four weeks. It diminished the muscle tension in my head. I liked having access to the world's premier orofacial pain thought leader in the online resources, and learned a lot about self care through them.

How It Works

Find Your Fit

Find Your Fit

Once your Home Healing Kit is delivered, login to your online resources and follow our simple instructions to easily create your QUICKSPLINT®. Use it to rest your jaw and sleep soundly at night.

Get Your Relief

Get Your Relief

Use your Hot/Cold Therapy Face Wrap to sooth pain and reduce inflammation during the day. Then let your calming breathing techniques work their magic.



Discover gentle jaw exercises and calming breathing techniques to help reduce clenching and relax your jaw.

Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress

Throughout your 4-Week Care Plan, keep track of your pain and progress with your Pain Tracker. You'll be impressed with how far you come!

Brought To You By World's Premier Orofacial Pain Innovators

Meet the team behind The Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit

Dr. Brad Eli photo
Dr. Brad Eli

Founder and Director of Orofacial Pain and Sleep Related Breathing Disorders clinic in San Diego, CA. Graduate of the Post-Doctoral Residency Program in Orofacial Pain and Sleep Disorders, UCLA.

Dr. Brad Eli photo
Ann Mcculloch

Innovation Expert, Founder of Orofacial Therapeutics, LP in San Diego, CA, and Graduate of The Yale School of Management with personal experience in orofacial pain mitigation.

Dr. Brad Eli photo
Dr. James Fricton

Pain Specialist at the Minnesota Head and Neck Pain Clinic, and a Professor Emeritus in the University of Minnesota Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, and Public Health, where he started the Orofacial Pain Program.

Dr. Brad Eli photo
Dr. Jim Elliott

Global expert in neck pain and whiplash injuries. Professor of Allied Health in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Sydney. Adjunct professor at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University Chicago.

300,000+ Units Sold* — Order Yours Today!

"I love that Speed2Treat® provides several avenues for relief. The QUICKSPLINT® and Hot/Cold Therapy were especially helpful in giving me the relief I needed quickly. I noticed improvement on the first night of use! The online resources gave me a simple regimen to follow that removed any doubt I had about how I should care for my condition.""

Image of Clare
5 stars rating
Clare S.
Age: 47, Location: USA
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Early intervention is key to rapid and long-lasting healing!

Don't Risk Waiting Any Longer to Treat Your Pain

The stress of head, jaw and neck pain can be overwhelming.

You just don't feel like yourself when you're unable to...

  • Smile, laugh or speak easily
  • Chew and enjoy food
  • Sleep soundly at night

Before long, it can have a detrimental effect on the overall quality of your life — your mood... ability to focus... performance at work.

Speed2Treat® is here to help you get back to feeling like yourself as quickly as possible. Our Home Healing Kit is the fastest and most effective way to get back to your pain-free life.

With treatments, exercises, and self-care tutorials you can use from the comfort of your own home, the Home Healing Kit will empower you to take your healing into your own hands.

Buy today risk-free

That's Why You Should Try Speed2Treat®

Relief On 1 Day
Relief On 1 Day

Relief on 1 Day

Many people experience immediate improvement of their symptoms, with full recovery (normal jaw function) in 2 to 4 weeks, like an ankle sprain.

Cost-effective and simple

Cost-effective and simple

People delay treatment out of concern that their doctor will charge upwards of a thousand dollars. Speed2Treat® offers a safe starter solution that helps you decide if you need professional care. So start now with simple care that you can do at home.

Sleep Better

Sleep Better

Clenching, grinding, and persistent pain can make it impossible to get a good night's rest. The QUICKSPLINT® Custom Night Guard included in your kit will have you sleeping soundly in no time.

Narcotic Free

Narcotic Free

Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit is a non-narcotic, holistic solution you can feel good about. Many customers find that a simple OTC analgesic like ibuprofen or naproxen can help reduce pain.

Reduce Pain, Suffering, and Stress

Reduce Pain, Suffering, and Stress

The combination of simple treatment, gentle exercises and self-care steps you take will ease your pain, maintain healthy inflammatory levels, and promote healing while you use Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit.

Get yours with same day shipping 30 Night Money Back 30-night guarantee —
you'll love it or we'll
buy it back

Get Back To Your Pain-Free Life
With The Help Of Self-Care Tools And Resources

Speed2Treat® delivers a four-week holistic care plan that can be modified to suit your needs and provide immediate relief of common conditions such as:

  • Jaw sprain/strain
  • Tension headaches
  • Neck strain
  • Mild trauma to the head, neck or jaw
  • Flare ups of TMJ disorders

Is The Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit Right For Me?

This cost-effective starter treatment can be modified to fit your lifestyle and condition to make an immediate difference in your overall quality of life. It may even be the only treatment you need. By the end of your 4-Week Care Plan, you'll be able to confidently determine whether a professional evaluation is necessary for you.

The kit can be used to relieve pain while you wait for an appointment with a specialist, and may be used in combination with medical or dental care.

We've helped thousands of people heal and get back to their pain-free lives, but it's important to note that there will be varied responses to this 4-Week Care Plan depending on the severity of the pain or injury.

A Safer, Faster,
More Affordable Alternative

Prescribed medications mask the symptoms but don't address oral habits that delay your recovery. We offer a treatment regimen that's more helpful than a trip to urgent care.

Our goal is to help you break the cycle of pain before tension spreads to other areas of your body. Often medical providers find these conditions difficult to diagnose and treat, which costs you time and money.

Speed2Treat® offers immediate relief, diagnostic assistance, and a way to empower your own healing at a fraction of the cost so you're not wasting time and money on treatments that don't work for you.

Smiling Woman

Why Speed2Treat® is Better Than...

Why it doesn’t help

These appliances are gummy and don’t have a secure fit so they become loose and fall off. They don’t prevent clenching and sometimes even cause people to clench more unknowingly.

Why Speed2Treat® is better

The Home Healing Kit’s QUICKSPLINT® protects teeth, relaxes the jaw and prevents clenching for a more restful night.

Why it doesn’t help

After you create your impressions, you have to ship them back to the lab so they can create your night guard and wait weeks for your appliance to come back in the mail.

Why Speed2Treat® is better

You get to make your QUICKSPLINT® as soon as your kit arrives and wear it the same night. You’ll also get immediate relief with Hot/Cold Therapy Packs, and self-care techniques we provide to promote healing and transform your oral habits.

Why it doesn’t help

Thin mouthguards are OK as retainers, but they don’t inhibit clenching. If you are a bruxer, sometimes they even get loose and your teeth can shift.

Why Speed2Treat® is better

QUICKSPLINT® is a short-term measure that will get you out of pain quickly. It may even be the only intervention you need. If not, it will help you and your dentist or doctor diagnose whether you’re a bruxer, have a TMJ condition, or a possible sleep disorder.

Why it doesn’t help

Physical therapy may cause too much exertion for tight muscles and end up causing you harm.

Why Speed2Treat® is better

Gentle exercises and the use of a night guard are recommended during the acute healing phase.

Why it doesn’t help

It can be difficult, time consuming and costly to sustain the benefits of manual treatment.

Why Speed2Treat® is better

For the cost of one massage session, Speed2Treat® provides self-care tools and online resources to guide your recovery for the first 4-Weeks.

Why it doesn’t help

TENS are small machines attached to pads by a wire that transmit electrotherapy to reduce pain and muscle tension, but they do nothing to address jaw clenching behaviors.

Why Speed2Treat® is better

QUICKSPLINT® prevents muscle tension while you sleep, the Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap is easy to use for immediate relief throughout the day, and self-care measures promote healthy long-term oral habits.

The sooner you begin, the faster you’ll get back to feeling like yourself.
Order today and get 75% OFF 30 Night Money Back 30-night guarantee —
you'll love it or we'll
buy it back

Find Relief With Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit TODAY

Find Relief With Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit TODAY

  • 4-Week Care Plan
  • Online Video Library With Access to 20+ Videos
  • QUICKSPLINT® Custom Fit Night Guard
  • Jaw and Breathing Exercises
  • Reusable Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap
Save 75% Today
Yours for Only $125
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Frequently Asked

Do you have any questions? Call us and we will be happyto answer!
We recommend that you discuss your symptoms with your primary care doctor, dentist, or other healthcare provider. It's a good idea to bring your Pain Tracker and QUICKSPLINT®. You can also schedule a telehealth consultation with an Orofacial Pain Specialist or search for providers near you, at The progress that you have made with Speed2Treat® will provide helpful diagnostic information to determine whether you need physical therapy, a specialized oral appliance, imaging, medication, or other types of treatment.

If you notice brux marks on the surface of your QUICKSPLINT®, discuss this with your dentist. It is common to grind and/or clench even when you are not in pain. Discuss what you observed wearing the QUICKSPLINT® and your experience with the jaw exercises and focus on correct tongue posture.
When you're in pain, you want to be out of pain as quickly as possible. Speed2Treat® is designed to “put out the fire” – which means reducing pain amplification and taking steps to minimize your condition from progressing into chronic pain. We designed the Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit because there was no clear, drug-free treatment plan for acute head, neck and jaw injuries.

Every day, patients consult an Orofacial Pain Specialist for different reasons: a chronic condition that originated with head, neck and jaw pain from wisdom teeth extraction; whiplash or concussion; or a surgical procedure with intubation.

Waiting too long for treatment can make it progressively harder to change unconscious oral habits (clenching and muscle tensing) and more extensive procedures may be required to improve your neck and jaw mobility. The longer you wait the more distracting your condition: your symptoms can increase, as pain may spread from headache to shoulder and neck pain. At this point, it becomes even more confusing to know where to go for help - a dentist? A physical therapist? Pain medication?

Early intervention is so important to reducing your neck and jaw pain. Once you learn Speed2Treat's simple self-care steps, you'll know exactly what to do at the onset of pain from an injury or flare-up. These self-care steps can also help to keep you focused on your healing until it is fully resolved.

It is difficult to know who will recover naturally in two to four weeks compared to who will need extended treatment. Speed2Treat® is here to help you and as many people as possible, at an affordable price.
QUICKSPLINT® can be fit for either upper or lower teeth. We recommend that before you start mixing the putty, you try the tray on your upper and lower teeth and bite down to see which is more comfortable for you.
No more than four to six weeks. You may not need to wear it for the entire period. If you find it is helping you (better sleep, less clenching, grind marks on the surface) you should show your QUICKSPLINT® to your dentist. It might be beneficial for you to transition to a long-term oral appliance. That said, not all dentists do “splint therapy” so contact us if you would like help finding a dentist in your area, or go to to find a dentist who specializes in splint therapy.

Don’t wear QUICKSPLINT® for longer than recommended because it does not cover all of your teeth. Sometimes your back teeth can shift over time. If this occurs, you may not bite evenly when you close your teeth together.
QUICKSPLINT® is a first step in treatment for most people. Some people, however, cannot tolerate any device in their mouth. Some people need a few days to adjust to the change. If you have tried wearing QUICKSPLINT® at night and it is creating more pain, stop using and try your best with other components of the Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit. QUICKSPLINT® was designed for short-term use only and is disposable.
During the day, we recommend that you perform the gentle jaw exercises, as much as possible. This will help you retrain your brain to keep your teeth apart during the day. If you wear the QUICKSPLINT® during the day you are missing this opportunity for improvement.