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These routine activities can cause abnormal alightment, injury, and muscle strains that lead to tension, headaches, inflammation, and chronic pain in the jaw, neck, and head area. And the longer you wait to deal with it, the worse the condition can get.

However, all too often, people suffering from jaw and neck pain don't know which medical doctor or dentist can help. Do they visit their GP, a Dentist, an Oral Surgeon, a Physical Therapist, or a Psychiatrist?

The answer, unfortunately, could be any of the above.

But the most reasonable, less costly, and just as effective answer? Learning to heal yourself by steps you can take to relax your head, neck and jaw muscles, increase your range of motion, and focus on reducing strain to this part of your body.

4-week home healing kit to the rescue

We're a group of specialists from different backgrounds that focus on healing head, neck and jaw muscle pain. Together we've created the first 4-Week Home Healing Kit designed to empower patients to take care of their pain by being proactive.

With an easy-to-follow plan, plus DIY tools & strategies, and integreated online resources, you can begin to feel relief immediately - instead of having to wait weeks for a diagnosis and possible treatment. If you are waiting to see a specialist for a complex condition, the Home Healing Kit may help you in the interim.

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self-care strategies that ease head & neck pain

When you're in pain, you don't have time to wait to feel better. You need relief now! With the 4-Week Home Healing Kit, you can experience relief right away, using many of the tools and methods doctors recommend. Focus on lifestyle and stress factors that contribute to pain, learn exercises and mindful changes to your behavioral habits, and since you're in charge of your healing plan, you can achieve long-term results

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natural healing without drugs or surgeries

Painkillers and muscle relaxers are not only addictive, they can make people tired and unproductive. Plus, surgery often doesn't "cure" the pain, and could even lead to more issues, not to mention expensive medical bills. The 4-Week Home Healing Kit includes safe, conservative treatment (you decide what is appropriate to your condition, start slowly and monitor your progress).

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four week plan for head, neck and jaw relief

The way it works is easy! Simply order the Home Healing Kit here. When you order, you receive access to the Online Resources and you can start watching the Healing Videos today! The Home Healing Kit is full of self-care strategies that are integrated with online resources to educate yourself. We have also included a pain-tracking tool to record your results and discuss with your doctor later.

By putting the power to heal into your own hands, you can finally achieve relief from head, neck and jaw pain with long-lasting, cost-effective results - like these below!

"I assumed my jaw injury would automatically get better, but the pain was distracting my work and sleep. The Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit really helped address the pain in my neck and jaw quickly!" - Tom V.

"I never made the connection between headache and jaw clenching until I tired the Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit and worked on the daytime exercises, VR and breathing tips, and work the QuickSplint." - Rob D.

"The Home Healing Kit's daily program of exercises, videos and VR, hot/cold therapy and QuickSplint really helped my son be proactive so he would heal properly and get back to playing soccer." - Clare S.

you deserve relief! try this one-of-a-kind home healing kit

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